Dr. Slick Introduces New Surgical-Grade Instruments for Anglers

Twelve inch clamps or hemostats, designed to keep stray fingers away from the jaws of toothy fish while unhooking flies and lures, are now available from Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers

Latitude 36 East Coast

Wrecks include B A Van Brunt ,Eidsvold, and Lillian Luckenbach

Latitude 35 East Coast

Wrecks include the Alan Jackson, the City of New York, and the Oriental


The Virginius foundered off Cape Hatteras as she was being towed to the United States, by the Ossipee . The Attorney General of the United States decided before December 25 that the Virginius was the

USS Peterhoff

British ship originally became a blockade ship sunk 3-6-1864 in collision with USS Monticello
Great Whites feeding on whale
August 16, 2016 Shark videos
Capt. Frank Duggan, of the Massachusetts Charter boat “Outer Limits” got some pretty cool video of this great white shark Gives you a better look at just how big it was.The ac Read More